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POLYSAN DEEP 100x75 Deep zuhanytálca 100x75x26cm, fehér (72879)

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75 990 Ft /db
Megtakarítás 0,0 %
Az Ön ára ÁFA nélkül 59 835 Ft /db
Az Ön ára ÁFA-val 75 990 Ft /db
ÁFA 27%
Cseh készleten > 10 db

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Rendelési kód72879
Garancia84 hónap
Súly10,24 kg
Űrtartalom77.00 L
Beszerelési MódokPadlóba süllyesztve
Beszerelési MódokPadlóra
Beszerelési MódokLábra szerelve
Beszerelési MódokElőlappal
Méret100x75x26 cm
Lefolyó Átmérő52.00
Vtsz. Szám39221000
FormaHluboké a ostatní

The shower tray DEEP of the Czech manufacturer POLYSAN can be considered due to its dimensions of 100790x26 cm both for a shallow bath and a deep bath of larger dimensions. It is great for bathroom renovation in prefabricated houses, where small dimensions do not allow us to use a standard size bathtub. Another use can be a larger shower. The tray is equipped with an overflow opening, so we recommend using a bathtub drain kit. The tray can be basically suspended or TIFA panels made of extruded polystyrene, reinforced with a cementitious trowel (suitable solution for mosaic tiles).

  • Tile panels are not part of the tray. You must purchase them separately. Suitable accessories can be found in the accessories.

Many of these shower enclosures and shower trays are based on the Easy Line series. Shower enclosures are lower in height and are suitable for installation on DEEP deep trays. The screens are made of 6 mm thick safety glass.

Shower door characteristics for the DEEP series

  • 2-piece sliding door
  • The door can be installed in a niche or with a side wall connection
  • The upper and lower double bearing drives ensure trouble-free operation
  • Door tilting system with bottom bearings for easy cleaning
  • A 6 mm safety clear glass is used in the production of doors
  • Polished aluminum profiles enhance the elegance of the screens
  • Easy to mount, tolerance 20 mm by profile glass adjustment
  • The doors are divided into a sliding part and a fixed part - allow variable installation with left or right opening

The practical handle emphasizes the lightweight design of the entire series.

Possible unevenness of the wall is hidden by the profile into which the glass is inserted up to 20 mm as needed.

Trouble-free operation and easy cleaning are ensured by the twin tipper travels.

Characteristics of trays and cladding panels for the DEEP series

  • The feet are not included in the package
  • It is perfect for bathroom renovation in prefabricated houses
  • The tray is equipped with an overflow opening, so it can be filled safely
  • The tray can be basically suspended or PLAIN or TIFA tiles can be used

For cleaning the glass, we recommend CA-30400 cleaning and protection agent - see accessories for individual screens.

Extended Warranty

POLYSAN shower trays made of acrylic are guaranteed for 10 years.
The condition of the guarantee is correct installation according to the instructions, including the use of original POLYSAN pedestals (PO60 / 60, PO80 / 80, PO100 / 100, PO60 / 80 or PO60 / 100), according to the type of deep tray. The recommended base type is always listed for each deep tray in the accessory.