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AQUALINE TECMI íves öntöttmárvány íves zuhanytálca, 90x90x3cm, R55 (PQ559)

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár ÁFÁ-val
41 990 Ft /db
Megtakarítás 0,0 %
Az Ön ára ÁFA nélkül 33 063 Ft /db
Az Ön ára ÁFA-val 41 990 Ft /db
ÁFA 27%
Cseh készleten > 100 db

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Rendelési kódPQ559
Garancia24 hónap
Súly30,00 kg
Méret90x3x90 cm
Lefolyó Átmérő90.00

Quarter circle shower tray made of cast marble, without slip.

  • Load capacity: 150 kg
  • Tray height: 3 cm
  • The tray is supplied without legs, the recommended number is 5 pcs. Refer to accessories for recommended feet.

Cast marble is a revolutionary, modern polymer resin material filled with powdered natural material, which is increasingly popular nowadays. It has a flat surface, high strength and stability, it keeps the ambient temperature.

Cast marble maintenance:
Cleaning of cast marble products can be done with conventional liquid cleaners. Using abrasive cleaners that contain sand and substances of a similar nature can damage the porch! It does not expose cast marble to acids, ammonia, chlorine, waste cleaners or hair dyes. Clean only with a soft cloth.

Repair of cast marble:
Minor scratches can be polished with a paste used on car bodies. For a larger range of damage, the REPAIR SET repair kit is used to fill deeper grooves or to replace a chipped corner. Repair kit see accessories.

Tray Mounting:
We recommend using an experienced expert, see the "Download" section for more details.

Cost-effective AQUALINE baths. We offer several variants of shower baths in materials: acrylate, enamel, cast marble.