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RETRO keretes tükör, világítás nélkül, 65x91 cm, antik fehér (1685)

Ajánlott fogyasztói ár ÁFÁ-val
94 990 Ft /db
Megtakarítás 0,0 %
Az Ön ára ÁFA nélkül 74 795 Ft /db
Az Ön ára ÁFA-val 94 990 Ft /db
ÁFA 27%
Cseh készleten > 5 db

Rendelési kód1685
Garancia24 hónap
Súly5,08 kg
SzínAntik fehér
AlapanyagTömör fa
Méret65x91 cm
Tükör TípusaTükör kerettel

Retro mirror in wooden frame

  • material: solid spruce wood
  • color frame design: old white
  • wooden frame 3.5 cm wide

Retro style brings tradition to the interior, memories of old times and warmth of home. One of the biggest advantages of retro style is that it never actually goes out of style. People are returning to old things again because they symbolize quality that has surpassed several generations. Combining RETRO furniture with modern elements today, you will achieve a complete interior with the hallmark of luxury that retro furniture carries.

In the dark design, the furniture is made of solid beech wood, while the light design is made of solid spruce.
The cabinets are impregnated with 2 layers of oil - colored for unifying the color of wood and colorless for increased durability.

In solid wood furniture, pin joints are used. It is one of the most pressure resistant connections. If it is reinforced with wedges, it also withstands stress.
It is used to connect vertical and horizontal parts - for example, furniture legs and partition walls.